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Multiple Exclusive Lead Options at a National SET COST!

Top Carriers!

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Quality Training From Top Producers in the Country!

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Grow Your Opportunity with YOUR Insurance Group


Grow Your Opportunity with YOUR Insurance Group

Access To The Top Carriers and Top Products In The Marketplace

Welcome to Your Insurance Group

We are an industry leading financial services marketing company that provides secure, reliable insurance coverage from Final Expense and Term Life to Mortgage Protection and Tax Free Retirement. We offer superior customer service and the best products in the market place. Our nationwide network of agents is committed to helping families get the protection they need and deserve.

Begin your new career with YOUR Insurance Group today. Not only will we help you launch an exciting, lucrative and rewarding career, but we will provide you with:

  • Multiple Exclusive Lead Options at a National SET COST!
  • Commission Paid Upon Issue, Not Draft
  • Access To The Top Carriers and Top Products In The Marketplace
  • Expert Training, Guidance and Support
  • Exclusive Access To Our Proven, Systematic Sales System
  • Specialized Sales Assistance For Annuities and Universal Life Sales
  • A Streamlined Application Process That Is Convenient and Stress Free For Your Clients
  • Quick Underwriting Turnaround Time, Usually 24-72 Hours

Insurance Carriers

Transamerica believes that everybody deserves to feel confident and secure in their tomorrow. That’s why they offer smart financial tools and products to help make it easier to build a future you can count on. They’re much more than an insurance or financial services company offering Insurance, Annuities, Mutual Funds, and Retirement Solutions; they’re your partner in tomorrow.

With Mutual of Omaha, the words strength and financial stability come to mind time and again as they continue to receive high ratings from leading industry rated organizations. They offer products for individuals like life insurance and critical illness insurance to annuities and small business solutions – just to name a few.  Mutual Of Omaha is known specifically for their competitive Term Life Product portfolio.

Liberty Bankers/The Capitol Life Insurance Companies (LBL) offers Final Expense life insurance through our Independent IMO distribution channel. For over a decade, LBL has been helping Agents and their clients with quality products and timely service.

FGL offers innovative Life Insurance and Annuity Products to help you plan for your clients tomorrow and protect your clients future.  With over 700,000 policyholders counting on the safety and protection features of their life insurance and annuity products, they challenge themselves to constantly innovate while meeting the ever changing needs of families and clients.

American Amicable Life Insurance Company Of Texas markets life insurance products. It markets whole life, universal life, modified whole life, term, group term, critical illness, final expense, and annuities insurance products. The company serves civilian customers, government employees, payroll deduction customers, and the final expense markets.

Foresters Financial™ is an international financial services provider with a unique history that began in 1874 when we set out to provide access to life insurance for average, working families. More than 140 years later, we provide life insurance, savings, retirement and investment solutions that help families achieve long-term financial health and security.

Gerber Life Insurance Company is a financially separate affiliate of the Gerber Products Company, and shares the name that has been associated with family caring for more than 75 years. You can have confidence in our name and in our coverage.

The world is changing faster than ever. What was true yesterday may not be true tomorrow. But with AIG’s risk expertise, you’ll be more prepared, with less fear for the future. We’re ready to help you seize new opportunities.

Nassau Re was founded in 2015 with a capital commitment of $750 million provided by Golden Gate Capital, a private investment firm with over $15 billion of committed capital.

Assurity has long lived our mission of helping people through difficult times, with a heritage dating back to 1890. We provide life insurance, disability and critical illness insurance, and voluntary employee benefits through independent brokers nationwide. Our unrelenting commitment to financial strength and stability has consistently earned us excellent industry ratings.

At National Life, our story is simple: for more than 168 years we’ve worked hard to deliver on our promises to millions of people with our vision of delivering peace of mind in times of need. It’s our cause, stemming from a deep passion to live our values to do good, be good and make good, every day.

United Life is dedicated to fostering the financial security and peace of mind of our customers, agents and employees. Building on a foundation of exemplary service and professional relationships, we offer straightforward, high-value products using strategic pricing and investment philosophies.

Why Join YOUR Insurance Group?

YOUR Insurance Group understands that families are a most precious asset, and we are proud to introduce you to our team of highly trained insurance professionals who are committed to helping find the right products for families nationwide. We understand that each family has unique needs, and thanks to the relationships we’ve cultivated with some of the largest and longest standing insurance providers in the country, we continue to offer families peace of mind that we will always find the right products for them.

YOUR Exclusive look at our proven Sales System 

YOUR Insurance Group is home to an extraordinary sales system that provides YOU – the agent – the key ingredients to success.

Products – We partner with the largest and most highly rated insurance carriers in the nation, giving you access to the products and services that are most in demand.  We offer a full suite of products to include Final Expense Insurance, Term Insurance, Mortgage Protection Insurance, Index Universal Life Insurance as well as Fixed Indexed Annuities.

People – Our sales system will get you in front of the people who need you most, the people who have asked for your services by offering various lead options that generate new prospects for you every single week.  YIG leads are EXCLUSIVE and are NEVER re-sold to other agents.  With YIG, you can literally determine how many people you would like to see every week!

Platform – Our proven sales system, comprehensive support and expert training are unmatched.  We offer several Weekly Live Training Webinars, Regularly scheduled Classroom Trainings, Localized Field Training and access 24 hours a day to our exclusive Back-Office website.  Website tools include Proven Sales Presentations with script and video training, Objection Training, Product Training and much much more ALL AT NO COST to help you succeed.  YIG also provides access to a full time support staff to assist with more complex sales such as Index Universal Life and Fixed Index Annuity sales.  All you need is a strong work ethic, motivation to succeed, and the desire to change futures, today.


The training in Atlantic City was exceptional. Loved the National life presentation as well as all the presenters. I tried to absorb as much as I could from Todd, Matt, Avi and Brian. Everyone exudes passion for every agent to become successful and it’s not ‘fake’…it’s for real!!! A/C was inspiring. Thank you so much and God Bless you!

Madison N.

It was a pleasure attending the Orlando meeting. Thank you and everyone who organized and participated to ensure our success.  The information was rich, beneficial and enlightening, and I remain excited to be a part of the YIG family.

Madison N.

“The leadership of YIG has created a “One Team Mindset!”

They want to be accountable to us, working to give us everything we need, and they will not be the reason for any of us in not reaching our personal goals.

Personally, I’ve never experienced an IMO with as much synergy and absolute transparency, as well as the fairest comp plan in the industry.

Brian G.

I was listening to NPR as I was driving from LA to Vegas and heard a story about the late author Hunter S. Thompson. Quote from him, “CHARACTER IS ACTION.” That is YIG.

I am so pleased to be part of the YIG opportunity. I’ve been looking for a long time and just didn’t know where to look or what it would look like.

I flew cross country for the recent training in Orlando and had the opportunity to interact with and be trained by the 2 managing partners and some truly stellar group leaders. I’ve never felt so welcomed and encouraged by, until the training, by strangers. YIG is a family in the best sense.

The generosity of YIG and its administrators and leaders is unparalleled. Integrity and encouragement.

The training generated enthusiasm and made me feel part of the something bigger. Loved it!

Mary A.

The boot camp in Orlando was awesome.  Thanks to Avi and Brian for providing a great interactive workshop!

Sandra E.

One of the best business moves I have made in my career, and I have been self employed my entire working life, since the age of 14, was to contact Matt Weinstein and Avi Assouline almost 3 years ago. My move to YIG has been nothing short of extraordinary. From all of the training and info on the back office of the website to the always available leadership, it just doesn’t get any better. Better trained and knowledgeable agents are the key to a successful and prosperous  agency and that is exactly what you get at YIG.

Matt, as our National Vice President is the poster child of work ethic and leading from the front. He not only runs the website on a daily basis, but also goes out and writes lots of business every week. In the almost 3 years I have been at YIG my success in this industry has TRIPLED and that is because of all the leadership in YIG and the information and training offered on the website , plus the regular training bootcamps and sessions that are offered.

In short, the opportunity YIG, Matt, and the leadership offered to me was the key to my success in this industry and has allowed me to provide peace of mind to my clients, but most of all provide a way to support my family who are my life

Dave H. ~ Delaware

It is so hard for me to put into words how much YOUR Insurance Group cares and helps every one of us!  It’s difficult to express what this company can and will do for your future because I could talk for pages.   Matt and Avi and been here for me through every celebration, help when needed, and every problem we need to work out when it comes to mine and Louie’s agency.  If we think someone is worth fighting for, Matt will fight with us to get the results we need! And when they are super busy like they always are, it’s amazing how they will stop what they are doing and get on the phone with whoever they need to make it right!  For me personally, YIG is the last stop! We all have been taken advantage of in others IMO’s and once they founded YIG, they made sure it was all the positives we needed and none of the things that holds agents back like other companies out there.  The training in our back office is the best in the nation!  I can attest to how great it is because our agency has agents across the country that can’t get in a car to train with me personally!  The agents that are not in my backyard have this amazing training site where they can see in-home presentations, actual Door Knocking, and a breakdown of how to utilize all the tools given to them!  This company is amazing and you won’t find anything better! I dare you to try!

Amber Alguire ~ Maryland

Thanks to YOUR Insurance Group, my agency has been able to change the lives of so many people from all different backgrounds. I love what I have been able to create here thanks to the YIG System and the personal Leadership of Matt and Avi. There has never been a better group of leaders to partner with.  I’ve worked with Matt for several years now, in the life insurance arena. He is one of the most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure to work with and become friends with. He’s a Leaders leader and innovator! Doing so much for the industry and those around him, Matts winning attitude and industry professionalism always continues to impress and draw leaders from all over the country.

Louie G. ~ Maryland

“Believe me, I am not a big fish here at YIG, but Matt always makes me feel like I am and his actions back that up.”

I want to personally give a shout out to Matthew Weinstein. Not only did he have a monster day in the field yesterday by selling over $5,600 in annualized premium (leading by example, leading from the front) but he also works extremely hard for us. I have 2 term apps ( 1 issued and another pending issue) and I had an issue on the commission yesterday. I texted Matt and he said he would get right into for me. We all know Matt is a busy guy! This morning Matt texted me at 8:30am asking for the details so he can resolve this for me ASAP. Unbelievable.

I am an extremely part time agent and for the most part of my time here I have had more excuses than apps. I have just recently started to get out of my own way and start to make it happen. Believe me, I am not a big fish here at YIG, but Matt always makes me feel like I am and his actions back that up.
I am very grateful to be working with Matt and glad to know that integrity still trumps fakeness. Matt, thank you. What may be a small thing to you, can make a big impact for others.

Chris W. ~ Pennsylvania

“I come from no prior background in insurance sales but simply followed the leaders and the YIG system that is in place.”

I approached YIG because I was not generating the financial results in a prior business that I had invested many years into. I had a background in sales and believed that I could do well with the insurance industry.  After a short time of following the success of YIG’s top agents, I obtained my license and partnered with YIG. I immediately appreciated the support and encouragement from my direct team Amber A. and Louie G. They have proven to be terrific partners and have provide tremendous value in daily and weekly training calls.

I was able to field train directly with Matt Weinstein and experience firsthand the presentation used in the home. This was a huge asset to my overall confidence.  The result was immediate income from my first in-home presentation. I come from no prior background in insurance sales but simply followed the leaders and the YIG system that is in place. The website that Matt and YIG provide is a tremendous resource of information that helps with my overall preparation and success.

One thing I really like is the National Friday Webinars hosted by Avi Assouline. He has created a platform of acknowledgement, news, and current events that are transpiring in the world of YIG. Avi has personally outstretched a hand to myself and all agents to aid in their success. As partners, Avi and Matt offer live training events, and tools to succeed in becoming a top YIG agent.

I have found this experience with YIG to be life changing. The opportunity to choose my own schedule, create the income needed for my family, and help others with their insurance needs is very fulfilling. It could not have been done without the help from such a phenomenal YIG team.

I would highly recommend YIG to folks who are entrepreneurial and like to be a part of a cutting edge opportunity with unlimited training and resources.  I love being able to help families protect their loved ones while at the same time generating a very solid income.

Chelsea C. ~ Pittsburgh, PA

Hello Matt,

I just wanted to let you know that my experience with Your Insurance Group has been a very good one. I have worked for other companies selling insurance and the opportunity with Your Insurance Group has proven to be a far superior one. The leads are much better quality! The people are much more willing to listen to what I have to say which certainly increases my overall closing ratio. I have also been impressed with the ongoing training and support that YOUR Insurance Group offers.

Jeffery D. ~ Maryland

Your Insurance Group has been an absolute blessing in my life.

I had worked in many dead end sales positions, making some money for briefs periods of time, but never having a true career.  I had no insurance background before Your Insurance Group, but shortly after getting my license I had immediate success.  Their training programs and support are above and beyond what I have ever seen in the sales industry.  Not only do you have your up line that is always a phone call away, you have ongoing training keeping you apprised of changes in the industry.  There are not many companies that you can reach out to your President and VP if you have a question.  I believe it’s hard to fail with this amount of support.  I have been with YIG now for 1 year and have had amazing success.  I have earned an income that has given me financial freedom and the security that I always wanted.

Christina G. ~ Maryland

I would highly recommend YOUR Insurance Group as an IMO for the training and support they offer to agents especially selling Final Expense insurance. The YIG agent website has several training videos that show you exactly what needs to be done to sell final expense insurance, from how to get leads to making the presentation and closing the sale.

Matt Weinstein is an incredible resource of information and responds in a timely matter to your questions and offers great support.  The YIG system gets an agent ready to make sales in a short time if the agent is willing to spend some time learning the presentation and how to handle objections; instructions for which are available on the website.

Stan S. ~ Nevada

I wanted to write and thank you for all you and the YIG team have done for my agency and me.  When I first met you we were not writing any life or annuities at all.  We are on target to write $1 million in life and $4-5 million in annuities.  It’s hard to put into words what our relationship with you and YIG has meant.  The leads we receive are 2nd to none, and at the best price I have seen in my 13 years of being in the insurance industry.  The training is phenomenal, and the support we receive from you, Teresa, and all of YIG is awesome.  Now you have added Robert Treo and JP Jones to mentor us on selling annuities and IUL’s, the only thing you could do to top all of this is to go out and write the business for us.  Thank you so much for your leadership, honesty and integrity, these qualities are hard to find in this industry.  I am pleased to have the partnership with YIG and encourage anyone who is looking for a home to come on board.

Ed L ~ North Carolina

“Hello Matt and Avi,

I enjoyed the meeting Thursday. I enjoyed meeting  Robert and JP. The training was full of great information and it was  good to make some connections with some of the other agents.  Matt, you  were awesome!! When I grow up I want to present final expense like you.  I will master all the necessary skills and buy leads to get this  thing cranked up. Again thanks to all involved. We are fortunate to have you all.“

Rick D. ~ Pennsylvania

Your service is as good as it gets!

Thank you for doing the Hands on Presentation…It meant a lot to me that you heard my request and incorporated it into yesterday’s training.  My Favorite part of the day was the empowering section you did at the end.  WOW, What a day of Training!  What a great decision we made with YIG!  Just wanted to share with you, we worked 1/2 day on Mon, Tue and today writing 4 policies for $4377 AP!!  What an awesome opportunity to help people, have fun and make a great living doing it! We just love YIG! 
Thank you 🙂

Theresa ~ Maryland


I know you’re on vacation but had an amazing day and wanted to share with you! I sold 2 policy’s for an $4,105.92 of total annualized premium!!!  And I am going back at the beginning of the year to go over annuities!!! Bam! 🙂 🙂  I love this business.  Thank you so much for all that you do. 
YIG Rocks!!!

Elisha~ Pennsylvania


Prior to YIG, I worked at another agency that claimed to have a system that worked.  Unfortunately, the system did not allow me to make the type of money that I need to make.  When I applied to YIG, Matt told me that if I followed the system that is in place, I could have the potential of making the high levels of income that I want and need.  That definitely got my attention.  I know that selling anything is a numbers game.  The more activity, the more chances you have to achieve.  However, if you don’t work at it, you will not succeed.  I followed the system that was already in place by utilizing the ongoing training and extensive website sales tools and making sure I had enough leads and in the first couple weeks I’m already producing very impressive income.  I have an attitude of gratitude and I am grateful for the opportunity at YIG, not only to provide for my family, but to help clients sleep better at night.
Thank you, Matt W. and YIG!!!!

Jack D.! ~ Pennsylvania


I want express my Thanks for all your encouraging conversations. I have been with Your Insurance Group since the beginning and have been thankful everyday! The Leads are the best in the industry, the cost is the best out there and the support given is superb.

During my year selling Final Expense, I have seen my income TRIPLE, my time with my family increased, and my happiness with my career is evident to those closest to me. What a great career choice! You make it easy if the system you have laid out is followed! Thanks again my friend!

Rick V. ~ Florida

My background is in home-improvement sales and needed a change so decided Insurance sales in Final Expense was going to be my new path.  I looked into a few different IMO’s and after talking with Matt W, decided this was going to be my home.

The plan was laid out before me and according to Matt, all I had to do was follow it.  I studied, passed my exam, and was on a 6 hr road trip to Baltimore two weeks later to field train with Matt W.  I decided that the best way for me to understand this sale was to see it in person.  After three days in the field I realized that it was exactly how Matt described.  I got to see a little bit of everything but most importantly, saw the system and how effective it was.  I believe Matt wrote around 4k in AP in those three days.  I came home and immediately got a recurring weekly lead order started.  While waiting on my Brand New Exclusive Fresh “A” leads to start coming in, I had plenty of time to get comfortable with the presentation and the products.  The YIG website training is excellent and allowed me to truly be confident before I ever walked into my first home.  When my first set of weekly leads came in, I booked 11 appointments and hit the street.  In my first 2 days in the field as a life insurance agent with YIG I was able to sell 6 policies for a total of $3,656 in AP.  The best part….it’s only Wednesday! Believe in yourself and YIG……  It works if you follow the system.

Matt, thanks again for all your support and encouragement in this new endeavor.  It really does make a difference to me to know you are available when I need you.  Looking forward to seeing where this takes me.

Mark M ~ Virginia


I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank you  and the Managing Partners of Your Insurance Group for working so diligently in  creating an incredible opportunity where an independent agent can truly  flourish. And, create a thriving business while working for themselves but not  by themselves.
The combination of the multitude of companies, policy types,  commission structure, support through the robust website and strategy-filled  weekly training webinars as well as the exceptional lead generation system is  one that
no other agency has even come close to offering.

In just over 4 weeks, I have written 70 applications  and $55,217 in Whole Life/Final Expense premium. I’ve done so by dogmatically  and diligently following the ‘system’ that has been obviously and painstakingly  researched, tried, proven and documented for me and my fellow YIG Agents to  follow.

As suggested by other top agents, I have a recurring  lead order of the numerous lead types that YIG offers; from each type of the  $29.75 fresh direct mail and overflow leads, the $20 fresh pre-recorded leads  and the $15 pre-set appointments. I also try to buy all the $2.71 direct mail B  leads that come available in my area. By doing all of this every week, I  estimate my lead cost is somewhere in the neighborhood of $9.65 per lead. By  being very consistent with my lead orders, it affords me the ability to have  more than enough people to see on a daily basis, which in turn gives me the opportunity to present to, and help several seniors start policies  everyday.

Working within the proven YIG system allows me to  consistently sell a tremendous amount of premium each week, which in turn  generates an awesome income for me and my family.

Thanks again!

Martin C. ~ Arizona
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